Bank of Tennessee Business Online Banking Resource Guide

Business Bill Pay


Business Bill Pay with Bank of Tennessee allows you to stay on top of your monthly finances with utmost ease and turnkey efficiency. Having your bills linked to your Bank of Tennessee account is a hassle- free alternative to paying your bills because you can electronically write checks and send payments in one easy place. The first time you click the Bill Payment tab, you will be asked to choose an account to use within Bill Pay with and to accept the terms and conditions.

With Online Business Bill Pay, You Can:

> Receive, view, manage and pay bills all on one convenient website. > Set up alerts for electronic bill arrivals. > Schedule automatic payment. > Review bill history and, for some billers, payment posting information. > Use multiple funding accounts to pay bills.

Net Worth:

Sum up your assets and debts and use pie charts to see how these assets and debts are allocated. Add alerts to provide real-time monitoring of your financial situation. Alerts can be sent via email or text messages when certain criteria are met. Access this page to make payments, view incoming bills, view and cancel pending payments, and view all scheduled payments.


Bill and Payments:

Payment Records: Funding Account: Administration:

This page is where you will view past payments.

This is where you review and edit your funding account. Here you can select or change your default funding account.


This is a quick action how to guide.


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