Bank of Tennessee Business Online Banking Resource Guide


Adding Recipients

A recipient is any person or business with whom your business may send or receive payments from. After a recipient is created, you can simultaneously include them in multiple payments or templates. Each entry contains the recipient’s contact and account information. To Add a Recipient:

Click on Recipients tab under the Commercial Menu. 1. Click Add Recipient on the right. 2. Fill out the required information regarding the recipient. Fields marked with an asterisk are required fields. If the recipient will ne used for ACH, Wire payments, or both, please enter an ACH name or Wire Name. 3. Click Next on the right. A new tab will appear called Account New . 4. Select the Payment Types allowed for this recipient. 5. Select the Account Type, and enter the account and routing number. 6. If you plan to use this account with wire transfers, you will need to enter the Name , Country and Postal Address . 7. When finished, click Create Recipient.


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