Bank of Tennessee Business Online Banking Resource Guide


Token Process

Using Tokens: After completing a Wire Transfer or International Wire Transfer, the user with Approval authority will click Approve. Click Ok when the window prompts you to confirm the transaction. Then the following window will appear: All tokens must be registered with Bank of Tennessee. The hardware token will be mailed to each user and ready to use upon arrival. If you download a software token, you must provide Bank of Tennessee with the Credential ID. Once the Credential ID is registered you can begin approving wires using the VIP Access app. The VeriSign VIP token (hardware or software) will generate a six digit number every 30 seconds. What are Tokens? Tokens are a security device that add another level of security when making wire transfer requests. There are two types of tokens: hardware tokens and software tokens. Bank of Tennessee will issue a hardware token to each user authorized to approve wire transfers initiated through Business Online Banking. iPhone or Blackberry users with wire transfer approval authority can download a software token from the App world. The application is called VIP Access.

The first time a token is used, the dialog box will require users to enter two consecutive numbers. Enter Security Code 1, wait 30 seconds for a new number to appear on the token, and then key the second number in the Security Code 2 field. The Security Codes must match the numbers sent to you by our Online Banking system in order for the wire transfer to successful transmit. The wire transfer will not transmit without a successful match. For assistance with your token, contact Customer Service at 866-378-9500.


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