Bank of Tennessee Business Online Banking Resource Guide

Positive Pay

Managing Exceptions

While processing your issues, the Positive Pay system will send you an e-mail notification if there are any exceptions to review. Exceptions represent two types of items: items that don’t match check issues submitted by the client to the bank or items attempting to clear an account where the Positive Pay service is set to run in reverse, requiring client review of all items. The Exception Type tells you why the item is listed. This can include: • Duplicate Paid Item: Item was previously paid. • Paid Not Issued: Bank was never notified of the item issuance. • Stale Date Item Paid: Item was issued longer than 180 days ago. • Stop Pay Request Match: Item matches a stop payment. • Voided Item: Item was previously voided. • Unauthorized ACH Transaction: Transaction flagged as an exception by ACH filter rules applied to the account.

To Manage Exceptions:

Selecting Quick Exception Processing from the Exception Processing menu. 1. The page can be filtered by Client ID , Display Type , or Status . 2. Using the “ Hide Exceptions Already Decided ” option will display only items requiring a pay or return decision. Decisions on exceptions must be made by 11:00AM PST. Any items left undecided will be handled per your default setting. All users will be placed into read-only mode after the cut-off time to prevent changes to the automated decision. 3. After review, use the Pay/Return Decision box to indicate whether the item should be paid or returned. If you select Return , you can add a reason for later reference. 4. Click Update to submit the decisions.


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