Bank of Tennessee Business Online Banking Resource Guide


Statement Delivery

In Statement Delivery, you can change how you would like to view your Monthly Statement for your primary account. Your choices include E-Statement or Paper Statement. Selecting E-Statement will allow you to view your Monthly Statement online in a PDF format.

To Set Up or Change Your Deposit Statement Preferences:

Click on the Deposit Statement Preferences tab. 1. Use the drop-down to choose your Delivery Type . 2. To edit or add a delivery destination click the

icon a the end of the account

line. 3. To remove the email address or mailing address deselect the icon. Clicking the star changes which email address or mailing address is considered the primary contact. Email addresses or mailing addresses can be added by typing the information in the text bar and clicking Add . 4. When you have made all of the changes that you need overall, be sure to click Save .


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