Bank of Tennessee Business Online Banking Resource Guide


Account Details

To View Account Details:

From your Home Page , click on an account for more information. 1. For account transaction history, click the account name to view the Account Details screen. You can view transaction details by clicking that transaction. 2. If you click on the description of a specific transaction, you will see more details of that transaction. You can there get mor information, like the image of a check, by clicking a single element. 3. You can choose to print only this transaction or click Ask about transaction to send a secure message to Bank of Tennessee. 4. If you choose to Show Filters , you will be able to sort out particular transactions to view, export or print. 5. Once you’ve made your selections, click Apply Filters . 6. Click the icon to print your filtered transactions. 7. You can also Export your filtered selection to then save to your computer or device.


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