Florence Bank Online Banking eGuide

Manage My Money – Overview This tool is a great way to organize your finances and improve your financial health. Manage your budget, control spending and set savings goals. All of the tools you need for financial success are right here!

1 Click the Overview tab to begin. 2 The left-hand side of the screen provides expandable windows for selecting a specific time period and viewing your top expenses and balances. 3 Existing accounts are displayed in this area for quick reference. Click Print to obtain a copy for your records. To modify your list of accounts, click Edit List . 4 To view or modify your savings goals, click Manage located at the top-right side of the Savings Goals expandable window. 5 Review your budget plan with ease using the counter displayed here. Click Manage to modify or edit your budget plan. 6 View, manage and print statements of income and cash flow within the expandable windows displayed here.



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