Freedom Bank Personal Online Banking User Guide


Part 3 of 3: Keyword (Email/Text Only) and One-Time Activation Code There is an additional step if you’re paying a person via email transfer. You will need to establish a keyword, which will be used by the payee in order to receive your payment. No matter which kind of transfer you are sending, you need to create a one-time activation code. This code is an added security measure that ensures you, the account owner, are creating the payee.







1. Enter a keyword and confirm it. This step is only needed if you are adding a payee that will receive funds in an email/text. 2. Click the Next button. 3. Select a preferred delivery method to receive your activation code. 4. Click the Next button. 5. Enter your activation code. 6. Click the Next button.

Consumer Full Bill Pay: Creating a Payee: Person

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