InFirst Bank Business Digital Banking Guide

Business Online Banking Overview4
Transaction Type Overview5
Sub-Users Overview6
Sub-Users Overview7
Adding a New Sub-User8
Editing a Sub-User10
Part 1: Editing Sub-User Access11
Part 2: Editing Sub-User Limits12
Part 3: Editing Sub-User Authentication13
Deleting a Sub-User14
Company Management15
Company Management Overview15
Adding Participant to an Existing Company16
Uploading Participants18
Editing a Company19
New ACH Batch20
Part 1: Creating an ACH Batch20
Part 2: Adding an Existing Participant22
Part 3: Adding a Detailed Record23
Part 4: Finalizing the ACH Batch25
Part 5: Scheduling the ACH Batch26
Part 6: Reviewing the ACH Batch27
Creating an ACH Template28
Part 1: Creating an ACH Template28
Part 2: Adding an Existing Participant30
Part 3: Adding a Detail Record31
Part 4: Finalizing an ACH Template33
Part 5: Reviewing an ACH Template34
Initiating a Template35
Part 1: Initiating a Template35
Part 2: Scheduling an ACH Batch37
Part 3: Reviewing an ACH Batch38
Editing an ACH Template39
Deleting an ACH Template40
ACH File Upload41
Creating a Template for Delimiter Separated File Uploads43
Editing a Template for Delimiter Separated File Uploads45
Deleting a Template for Delimiter Separated File Uploads46
Uploading a Delimiter Separated File47
Editing an ACH Batch50
Deleting an ACH Batch51
Approving an ACH Batch52
Reversing an ACH Batch53
Creating a New Report55
Running an Existing Report56
Editing a Report57
Deleting a Report58
Alerts Overview59
Custom Alerts60
Business Banking Alerts61
Security Alerts62
Turning Alerts On and Off63
Editing or Deleting Alerts64
Previous Alerts65

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