Oklahoma's Credit Union Digital Banking User Guide


Security Login History

Security is more important than ever. Login History adds an additional layer of security by monitoring user behavior and device details to identify suspicious login sessions. Should a security concern arise, Login History will require further authentication around high-risk non-transactional activities. Login History also allows you to view previous login sessions and monitor for possible fraud attempts. You will be prompted to enter a TAC when conducting any high risk activity. For example: • Creating an external transfer • Adding, editing or deleting TAC information • Requesting an address change • Conducting other activities outside your normal usage patterns

In the Profile & Security tab, click Login History . 1. Review the list for fraudulent transactions or modified contact information. 2. If you see any fraudulent transactions or modified contact information, change your password immediately and contact OKCU at 405.606.6528.

Note : For more information about changing your password go to page 30.

Security: Login History

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