Oklahoma's Credit Union Digital Banking User Guide


Getting Started

New User Enrollment

If you’re new to Digital Banking with OKCU, you need to complete the enrollment process. Once you complete these few quick steps, you’ll be on your way to banking everywhere you go! 1. Type okcu.org into your browser and click Digital Banking Login . Then, click the Enroll link. 2. Fill out the Enrollment Form with the required information, and click Continue . If the requested username selected is unavailable, try a different one. Note : The details you provide are verified by comparing them to your information in our system. If the information does not match, call us at 405.606.6528 to update your profile. 3. A confirmation message appears. 4. Choose the contact method that allows OKCU to reach you immediately with a Temporary Access Code (TAC). This numbered code is only valid for 15 minutes and you will need to request a new one if it expires. If you close your browser before receiving the TAC, you can log in again and select I already have a Temporary Access Code . Do not close your browser until you have received your numbered code. 5. Enter the TAC and click Submit . 6. Create your password and confirm your entry by re-entering it. 7. Review the Digital Banking Services Agreement on the Disclaimers page, and click I Accept to agree to the terms and conditions. 8. Choose whether to register your device for future logins. If you click Register Device you will limit the number of times a TAC is requested for that device. Note : For additional security, we strongly suggest you only register personal devices. Not registering requires you to use a TAC each time you log in. 9. A profile page appears. Review and correct the information and click Submit . This information is used for official OKCU communications. 10. Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled and logged into Digital Banking! If you have any questions or concerns, call us at 405.606.6528.

Getting Started: New User Enrollment

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