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PFM Overview

Digital Banking Home Page Personal Finance Management is easily accessed from the home page (Accounts Summary) within Digital Banking. There are five widgets within the Personal Finance Management service: Net Worth, Budget, Spending, Trends, and Debts. These widgets help you review and manage the data within Personal Finance Management. Although you are enrolled in Digital Banking, you will need to activate the Personal Finance Management features. To do this, simply select any of the five widget titles and an enrollment screen will display. After reviewing and accepting the Terms and Conditions, you can begin using Personal Finance Management.

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A. Different links appear on the home page, which take you to interactive widgets with various information. • Net Worth : Sum up your assets and debts and view pie charts to see how funds are allocated. • Budget : Track your monthly finances by adding targets to help you better manage your expenses. • Spending : See how you’re spending money in a visual representation. • Trends : Track your habits even further to see how you spend your money over time. • Debts : Lets you see all your debts at once to gauge how additional payments or payoffs affect your finances.

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PFM Overview: Digital Banking Home Page

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