The Commerce Bank: Online Banking Commercial Guide


Exception Types Checks: • Amount Mismatch: The paid check amount and the issued amount are not the same. • Check Number Mismatch: The paid check number and the issued check number are not the same. • Fraudulent: The item is suspected to be counterfeit. • Paid Twice: The item was previously paid. • Refer to Maker: Contact the person that wrote the check to find out why the item was returned. • Stale Dated : The item is a stale dated check. A check is considered stale dated if it is older than 180 days. Exception Types ACH: • Other • Paid Twice: The item was previously paid. • Unauthorized: Transaction has not been authorized. • Void: The item was previously voided.

Note : For ACH exceptions, the ACH Standard Entry Class Code, Originating Company ID and Debit or Credit (DR/CR) are displayed in the exception description.

Positive Pay: Quick Exception Processing

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