The Commerce Bank: Online Banking Commercial Guide


3. To create a new Rule without editing an existing transaction, start by choosing one of the Account Display Names in the drop-down menu. Then enter a Description. Enter the Company ID of the Originator for which the Rule shall apply (you may need to look-up prior transactions from the Originator in your statements for this). It is preferred that you copy and paste a company ID from a prior transaction as they must match exactly to work correctly. Note: If the Company ID is left blank, the rule will apply to all Originators. Select among the Standard Entry Class Codes if you want the Rule to only apply to certain types of ACH transfers. Select whether the Rule will apply to debits (“DR”), credits (“CR”) or both. Enter the Maximum Allowable Amount for a transaction under this Rule. 4. Click the “Add” link to save the new Rule. Click the “Edit” link next to an existing rule to make any changes.

Positive Pay: ACH Filter Rules Setup

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