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Positive Pay

Positive Pay / ACH Filter Introduction Positive Pay is a service that helps to identify fraudulent or unauthorized checks drawn on your account, helps to prevent related losses and to simplify your account reconciliation. With Positive Pay, you upload an electronic file of issued checks into Positive Pay (check information can also be entered manually). As each check is presented for payment, the Positive Pay system electronically compares it to the information in your file. If an item does not match the record you provide, it is flagged as an exception and referred to you for a payment decision. ACH Filter (also known as ACH Positive Pay) helps protect your account against fraudulent ACH debits initiated by third parties to your designated accounts. You can setup the service so that all incoming ACH debits are placed in the exception queue for you to review. Or, you may pre-authorize ACH debits from specific Originators that you have approved. Users can be setup with either Basic Options or Advanced Options. • Basic Options provides authority to review exception items, make Pay or Return decisions and / or manually add individual checks. • Advanced Options provides additional authority options including uploading check issue files, creating ACH Filter Rules and more. Basic Options Reviewing Exception Items Exceptions are: • Checks that failed to match the amount of the check that was issued, the check number and / or it was stale. Exceptions can also be incoming ACH debits on your account that do not meet your ACH Filter Rules; and /or • ACH debits to your accounts that did not meet preauthorization rules. Manually Adding Checks Issued check information can be entered into the Positive Pay system without uploading an issued check file. In the Commercial tab, click Positive Pay .

Note : Exceptions not given a decision by the deadline will be marked to Return or Pay based on your pre-selected default decision.

Positive Pay: Positive Pay / ACH Filter Introduction

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