UMB Business Online Banking User Guide

Getting Started5
Business Online Banking Overview5
Business Online Banking Transaction Types6
Rights Management7
Editing Company Policy7
Part 1 of 11: Choosing a Transaction to Edit in Company Policy7
Part 2 of 11: Approval Limits8
Part 3 of 11: Allowed Actions9
Part 4 of 11: Amount9
Part 5 of 11: Approvals10
Part 6 of 11: Choosing the Subsidiaries10
Part 7 of 11: Choosing the Accounts11
Part 8 of 11: Choosing the Drafting Hours12
Part 9 of 11: Choosing the Location13
Part 10 of 11: Choosing the IP Address14
Part 11 of 11: Choosing the SEC Code15
Company Policy Tester16
Viewing Rights to Access Features18
Establishing Rights to Access Accounts19
Creating and Editing Account Labels20
Users Overview21
Adding a New User22
Assigning a User Role to a User24
Accessing User Roles25
Creating, Editing or Copying a User Role26
Part 1 of 10: Choosing a Transaction to Edit in User Roles27
Part 2 of 10: Establishing Transaction Type Rights28
Part 3 of 10: Approval Limits29
Part 4 of 10: Disabling a Transaction Type30
Part 5 of 10: Allowed Actions31
Part 6 of 10: Enabling Operation Rights32
Part 7 of 10: Choosing the Maximum Draft Amount33
Part 8 of 10: Selecting Subsidiaries33
Part 9 of 10: Enabling Allowed Accounts34
Part 10 of 10: Choosing Drafting Hours35
User Role Policy Tester36
Deleting Allowed Actions38
Establishing Rights to Access Features39
Establishing Rights to Access Accounts40
Deleting a User Role41
Advanced Payments42
Recipient Overview42
ACH Only- Part 1 of 2: Adding a Recipient43
ACH Only- Part 2 of 2: Recipient Account Detail44
ACH & Wire- Part 1 of 4: Adding a Recipient45
ACH & Wire- Part 2 of 4: Beneficiary FI Detail46
ACH & Wire- Part 3 of 4: Intermediary FI Detail47
ACH & Wire- Part 4 of 4: Recipient Account Detail48
Wires Only (Domestic) - Part 1 of 4: Adding a Recipient49
Wires Only (Domestic)- Part 2 of 4: Beneficiary FI Detail50
Wires Only (Domestic)- Part 3 of 4: Intermediary FI Detail51
Wires Only (Domestic)- Part 4 of 4: Recipient Account Detail52
Wires Only (International)- Part 1 of 3: Adding a Recipient53
Wires Only (International)- Part 2 of 3: Beneficiary Bank Details54
Wires Only (International)- Part 3 of 3: Recipient Details55
Editing a Recipient56
Editing a Recipient’s Templates57
Deleting a Recipient58
Payment Template Overview59
Creating a Template60
ACH Batch61
ACH Collection63
Domestic Wire65
International Wire67
Sending a Single Payment70
ACH Batch70
ACH Collection73
Domestic Wire76
International Wire79
Upload From File82
Creating a New File Map82
Using an Existing File Map85
Editing an Existing File Map86
Deleting an Existing File Map87
Viewing, Approving or Canceling a Transaction88
Single Transaction88
Multiple Transactions89
Editing or Using a Template90
Deleting a Template91
Wire Activity92
Tax Payments93
Transfer Money95
Transfer Money95
Individual Transfers95
Multi-Account Transfers Overview97
Multi-Account Transfers- Creating a Template98
Multi-Account Transfers- Single Transfer100
Editing a Multi-Account Transfer Template102
Deleting a Multi-Account Transfer Template103
Positive Pay104
To Get Started104
Reviewing Execptions - Quick Exception Processing105
To Upload an Issued Check File108
Manually Enter a Check109
Void a Check110
Check Search111
Issued Check File Processing Log112
Transaction Reports113
Audit Reports118
Transaction Audit Log118
User Setup119

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