WK and MCO Merger Strategy Digital

Merger Communication Sales Strategy

DRAFT WOLTERS KLUWER CONFIDENTIAL NOT FOR CUSTOMER EYES Keri McCollum Product Manager Financial Services Office: 320-240-5062 keri.mccollum@wolterskluwer.com Karen Schlaeger Client Experience Manager Murphy & Company Office: 636-394-2116 karen@mcompany.com 2. Wolters Kluwer is launching a new electronic delivery method for compliance-driven disclosure documents during a merger. With the combined communication efforts of both Wolters Kluwer and Murphy & Company, along with the ability to electronically deliver these documents, Wolters Kluwer has a major advantage above all compliance documents agencies. 3. This is an internal document for discussion among the deposit operations sales team. Additional bank and credit union-facing sales information and materials will be available shortly. Project Contacts Wolters Kluwer is launching a major enhancement to our disclosure product offerings. This document outlines the sales process and important components including additional planning, creative tools and delivery services for financial institutions during a merger. Highlights: 1. Wolters Kluwer has teamed up with Murphy & Company to build on their experience in the digital banking channel. Murphy & Company is a FinTech marketing agency with 25 years of experience developing and deploying exceptional merger communication tools.

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