American National Bank ANB Go Business User Guide

Getting Started7
Business Online Banking Overview7
Business Online Banking Transaction Types8
User Management9
Users Overview9
User Management Overview10
Adding a New User11
Part 1 of 3: Assign Services12
Part 2 of 3: Assign Limits for Each Transaction Type13
Part 3 of 3: Review User Information14
Editing an Existing User’s Rights15
Deleting a User16
User Audit Report17
Making a Transfer19
Editing Transfers20
Deleting Transfers21
Recurring Transfers22
Deleting Recurring Transfers24
Transfers Templates25
Editing or Deleting Templates26
Using a Template27
Import Manager28
Import a Transfer File29
Add an Import Maps30
Manage Import Maps31
Stop Payments32
Stop Payment Request32
Payments (Select)34
Payment Center Overview34
Payment Status36
Sending a Payment38
Collecting a Payment40
Tax Payments42
Loan Payments43
Employee Payments44
Approving Payments45
Rejecting, Modifying or Deleting Payments47
Payee Directory (Select)48
Payee Directory Overview48
Add a Payee49
Import a Payee File50
Modify or Delete a Payee51
Payments (Enterprise)52
Payment Center Overview52
Payment Status54
Sending a Single ACH Payment56
Importing Non-NACHA Files61
Reversing ACH Payments62
Approving ACH Reversals64
Duplicate Detection65
Same-Day Payments66
Creating an ACH Template67
Recurring ACH Payments70
Initiating an ACH Template73
Wire Payment75
Payment Status75
Sending a Domestic Wire Payment77
Sending an International Wire Payment81
Creating a Domestic Wire Template85
Creating an International Wire Template88
Initiating a Wire Template91
Loan Payments93
Loan Draws94
Tax Payments95
Approving Payments96
Rejecting, Modifying or Deleting Payments98
Approving a Template99
Editing a Template101
Deleting a Template102
Payment Maps103
Delimited Format104
Fixed Format105
Modifying or Deleting a Payment Map106
Importing NACHA Files107
Importing Wires109
Balance and Transactions Overview110
Balance History112
Account Activity113
Run or Delete an Account Activity Report114
Export a Previous Day(s) Balance Report115
Electronic Reports117

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