American National Bank ANB Go Business User Guide


In the Payments & Transfers tab, click Payment Center . A. Use the “Initiate” drop-down to make a payment. B. Use the drop-down to change the list view. • All Payments: Displays all payments created in the ANB Go Business Payment Center. • ACH Payments: Shows only ACH payments created using online banking. • Requires My Approval: Contains payments submitted by other users that still need to be approved by you. • Wire Payments: Shows only wire payments processed through ANB Go Business. View your recent and scheduled transfers. C. Click the icon to view, delete, modify or submit a payment for approval. You can also copy a payment as a template or new payment. D. Click the icon to filter payments. E. Click the icon to show/hide columns. F. Click the icon to print or the icon to download a list of all payments. G. Bulk action buttons allow you to check the boxes next to multiple payments and perform an action for more than one payment at once. H. Use the display drop-down to select the number of payments shown per page. I. Click the page number links to navigate to additional pages.

Payments (Enterprise): Payment Center Overview

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