Androscoggin Treasury Management Online Banking

Getting Started7
Business Online Banking Overview7
Business Online Banking Transaction Types8
New User Enrollment9
Logging Off11
Resetting a Forgotten Password12
Symantec VIP Tokens14
Home Page15
Home Page Overview15
Mobile Quicklinks17
Account Details Overview18
Quick Transfer20
Account Nickname21
Details & Settings22
Account Grouping23
Editing a Group Name24
Deleting a Group24
Protecting Your Information25
General Guidelines25
Login ID and Password25
Fraud Prevention25
Security Preferences26
Change Password26
Change Login ID27
Mobile Security Preferences28
Enabling Touch ID or Fingerprint Login28
Enabling Passcode Authentication30
Enabling Face ID31
Disabling Passcode Authentication, Touch ID, Fingerprint or Facial ID Login32
Apple® Watch33
Apple® Watch Setup33
Viewing Balances and Transactions33
Alerts Overview34
Account Alerts35
History Alerts36
Online Transaction Alerts37
Security Alerts Overview39
Editing Delivery Preferences39
Enabling and Disabling Push Notifications40
Secure Message Overview41
Sending a Secure Message42
Transaction Types43
Moving Money Overview43
Transfer Funds44
Loan Payments46
Activity Center Overview48
Using Filters49
Creating or Deleting Custom Views Using Favorites49
Editing Transactions50
Canceling Transactions51
Financial Tools52
Initial Setup52
Linking an Account52
Unlinking an Account53
Commercial Services54
Editing Company Policy54
Part 1 of 11: Choosing a Transaction to Edit in Company Policy54
Part 2 of 11: Approval Limits55
Part 3 of 11: Allowed Actions56
Part 4 of 11: Amount56
Part 5 of 11: Approvals57
Part 6 of 11: Choosing the Subsidiaries57
Part 7 of 11: Choosing the Accounts58
Part 8 of 11: Choosing the Drafting Hours59
Part 9 of 11: Choosing the Location60
Part 10 of 11: Choosing the IP Address61
Part 11 of 11: Choosing the SEC Code62
Company Policy Tester63
Viewing Rights to Access Features65
Establishing Rights to Access Accounts66
Creating and Editing Account Labels67
User Roles Overview68
Creating, Editing or Copying a User Role69
Part 1 of 10: Choosing a Transaction to Edit in User Roles70
Part 2 of 10: Establishing Transaction Type Rights71
Part 3 of 10: Approval Limits72
Part 4 of 10: Disabling a Transaction Type73
Part 5 of 10: Allowed Actions74
Part 6 of 10: Enabling Operation Rights75
Part 7 of 10: Choosing the Maximum Draft Amount76
Part 8 of 10: Selecting Subsidiaries76
Part 9 of 10: Enabling Allowed Accounts77
Part 10 of 10: Choosing Drafting Hours78
User Role Policy Tester79
Deleting Allowed Actions81
Establishing Rights to Access Features82
Establishing Rights to Access Accounts83
Deleting a User Role84
Users Overview85
User Management Overview86
Adding a New User87
Editing a User88
Deleting a User89
Recipient Overview90
ACH Only- Part 1 of 2: Adding a Recipient91
ACH Only- Part 2 of 2: Recipient Account Detail92
ACH & Wire- Part 1 of 4: Adding a Recipient93
ACH & Wire- Part 2 of 4: Beneficiary FI Detail94
ACH & Wire- Part 3 of 4: Intermediary FI Detail95
ACH & Wire- Part 4 of 4: Recipient Account Detail96
Wires Only (Domestic) - Part 1 of 4: Adding a Recipient97
Wires Only (Domestic)- Part 2 of 4: Beneficiary FI Detail98
Wires Only (Domestic)- Part 3 of 4: Intermediary FI Detail99
Wires Only (Domestic)- Part 4 of 4: Recipient Account Detail100
Wires Only (International)- Part 1 of 4: Adding a Recipient101
Wires Only (International)- Part 2 of 4: Beneficiary FI Detail102
Wires Only (International)- Part 3 of 4: Intermediary FI Detail103
Wires Only (International)- Part 4 of 4: Recipient Account Detail104
Editing a Recipient105
Editing a Recipient’s Templates106
Deleting a Recipient107
Payment Template Overview108
Creating a Template109
ACH Batch110
ACH Payment112
ACH Collection114
ACH Receipt116
Domestic Wire118
International Wire120
Sending a Single Payment124
ACH Batch124
ACH Payment127
ACH Collection129
ACH Receipt132
Domestic Wire134
International Wire136
Splitting a Payment140
Upload From File141
Creating a New File Map141
Using an Existing File Map144
Editing an Existing File Map145
Deleting an Existing File Map146
Viewing, Approving or Canceling a Transaction147
Single Transaction147
Multiple Transactions148
Editing or Using a Template149
Deleting a Template150
Wire Activity151
ACH Pass-Thru152
ACH NACHA Upload Errors152
ACH NACHA Upload Details153
Reports Overview154
Company User Activity Report155
Transaction Report156
Company Entitlements Report157
ACH Activity Report158
ACH Activity Report Previous Day(s)159
Balance and Activity Statement-Previous Day(s)160
Cash Position Report Previous Day(s)161
Wire Online Origination Report162
Editing a Report163
Deleting a Report164
Mobile Authorizations165
Stop Payment Request167
Single Check167
Multiple Checks168
Check Reorder169
Mobile RDC Enrollment172
Mobile Deposits173
Mobile Deposits174
Quick Balance175
To Enable Quick Balance175
To Use Quick Balance176
Account Preferences177
Text Enrollment178
Statement Delivery180

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