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Reports Reports Overview

You can keep up with all the incoming and outgoing transactions within your accounts using the Reports feature. Viewing a report on certain transactions can prevent errors and make bookkeeping easy. Depending on which report you run, it can be saved to your computer or device as a PDF, XSL or a BAI file.








In the Statements & Reports tab, click the Reports tab. A. Use the search bar to locate existing reports. B. The filters feature allows you to sort your reports by all, private or shared. C. Click the “+ New Report” link to create a new report. D. Click the icon to search transactions by name, last run and type. E. Click the icon to favorite a report. F. All existing reports are available on this page. You will see the report name, date when it last ran, whether it was downloaded and the type of report. G. Click the icon to view history, run, edit, copy or delete a report.

Administration (Advanced): Reports Overview

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