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Advanced Positive Pay ACH Authorization Rules Setup

ACH Authorization Rules Setup is used to define all pre-authorized ACH transactions rules for an account. At least one ACH rule must be configured to generate exceptions for ACH items. During the initial configuration of the product, most clients choose to generate exceptions for all incoming ACH items. Clients may then create a list of approved companies as transactions from those companies are posted. Adding a rule for an approved company will stop the Positive Pay system from generating exceptions for ACH transactions from/to that company. When enrolling an account in ACH Positive Pay, a standard set of rules may be added. These rules prevent exceptions for all transactions crediting the enrolled account and for transactions generated by the client in online banking, including those generated via the Bill Pay service. Rules created at the time of setup may be adjusted during the setup process. Additional rules pertaining to ACH transactions may be added, edited and removed by the client at any time.

Create an ACH Authorization Rule


Click the System Reports tab, then ACH Authorization Rules . 1. Click the icon.

Administration (Advanced): ACH Authorization Rules Setup

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