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ACH & Wire Payments Sending a Single Payment

It is easy to make a single payment once you set up your Beneficiaries. You can change your payment types to create ACH Disbursements or wire transfers all from one convenient place. ACH Disbursements You can draft or create a new ACH Disbursements payment. You have the option to manually enter a Beneficiary or you can upload multiple Beneficiaries using a Comma Separated Values (CSV) document.





In the Payments & Transfers tab, click ACH & Wire Payments . 1. Select a payment type using the New Payment button and choose “ACH Disbursements.” 2. If you need to change your payment type, click the “Change Type” link. 3. If you would like to upload Beneficiaries and amounts from a file, click the “Upload From File” link. For more information about this option, go to page 93. 4. If you are adding more than one Beneficiary, you can upload a Comma Separated Values (CSV) document by clicking the “Import Amounts” link. This option only appears when more than one Beneficiary is selected.

Note: Effective Date: For an ACH or Wire transaction, select an Effective Date from the calendar feature. The system will not allow you to select a non-banking day as an Effective Date. Process Date: For ACH and Wire transactions, the system will determine the Process Date that the bank will process the ACH or Wire based on the Effective Date.

Administration (Advanced): Sending a Single Payment

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