Fayette County National Bank

Getting Started7
Online banking System Requirements7
Browser (Desktop & Mobile)7
Mobile Device (App)7
Mobile Remote Deposit Capture7
New User Enrollment8
Logging In9
Logging Off9
Resetting a Forgotten Password10
Retrieve a Forgotten Username11
Dashboard Overview12
Account Details Overview13
Organize Dashboard15
Reorder Accounts15
Rename Accounts16
Hide/Unhide Accounts17
Transaction Details18
Quick Pay20
Selecting Favorite Payees20
Bill Pay21
Monthly Activity23
Protecting Your Information24
General Guidelines24
Login ID and Password24
Fraud Prevention24
Login Settings25
Change Username25
Change Password26
Change Security Questions27
Recent Logins28
Mobile Security Preferences29
Enabling Biometric Sign-In29
Enabling PIN Login30
Alerts Overview32
Custom Alerts33
Security Alerts34
Turning Alerts On and Off35
Editing or Deleting Alerts36
Previous Alerts37
Move Money38
Move Money Overview38
Bill Pay Enrollment39
Adding a Payee41
Bill Pay Payee - Company41
Bill Pay Payee - Individual43
Favoriting a Payee46
Editing a Payee47
Deleting a Payee48
New Transaction49
Transferring Money Between Your Accounts49
Making a Loan Payment51
Making a Bill Pay Payment53
Editing Transfers/Payments55
Deleting Transfers/Payments56
Deposit Checks57
Remote Deposit (Coming Soon)57
Manage Cards58
Turn Card On or Off58
Card Name59
Card Alert60
Temporary Spending Limit Increase61
Change PIN62
Travel Notification63
Enable Automatic On/Off65
Creating a New Report67
Account Activity Report67
Sub-User Account Access Report68
Running an Existing Report69
Editing a Report70
Deleting a Report71
Secure Message Overview73
Sending a Secure Message74
Submit a Form75
Document Enrollment76
Viewing Documents77
Contact Settings78
Adding a New Phone78
Editing a Phone79
Deleting a Phone80
Editing an Email Address81
App Appearance82

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