Fayette County National Bank


Getting Started

If you’re new to Online Banking with FCNB, you need to complete the enrollment process the first time you log in. Once you complete these few quick steps, you’ll be on your way to banking everywhere you go! 1. Go to fcnbonline.com. 2. Click the “New User” link. 3. Click the Let’s Get Started button. 4. Enter your personal information and click the Continue button. New User Enrollment Note : If the information entered does not match your bank account record at FCNB or if you have an old Online banking account, you will need to call us at 304-574-1212. 5. You will be asked to answer four verification questions. 6. You can choose a second verification step by having a code sent to a known phone number associated with your pubic records. If you do not want to utilize this additional verification step, choose None. 7. Read the welcome information and click the Finish button. 8. Your enrollment request will be forwarded to FCNB’s Online banking specialists for review and identity verification. Upon completion of that step, you will receive an email. 9. Click the link in the email and provide the Security Code that you entered at the initial phase of application. 10. Create your own username and password. 11. Choose three security questions and enter the appropriate responses. 12. You will then be taken to your FCNB Online banking account.

Getting Started: New User Enrollment

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