Freedom Bank Business Online Banking User Guide

Getting Started3
Logging In10
Logging Off10
Resetting a Forgotten Password11
Home Page13
Home Page Overview13
Account Summary Overview15
Account Details Overview16
Quick Transfer18
Account Nickname19
Account Grouping20
Editing a Group Name21
Deleting a Group21
Protecting Your Information22
General Guidelines22
Login ID and Password22
Fraud Prevention22
Security Preferences23
Change Password23
Secure Delivery24
Mobile Security Preferences25
Enabling Touch ID or Fingerprint Login25
Enabling Passcode Authentication27
Enabling Face ID28
Disabling Passcode Authentication, Touch ID, Fingerprint or Facial ID Login29
Alerts Overview30
Account Alerts31
History Alerts32
Online Transaction Alerts33
Enabling and Disabling Push Notifications35
Secure Message Overview36
Sending a Secure Message37
Business Online Banking Overview38
Business Online Banking Transaction Types39
Small Business Users40
Users Overview40
User Management Overview41
Adding a New User42
Part 1 of 5: Establishing Transaction Type Rights43
Part 2 of 5: Disabling a Transaction Type44
Part 3 of 5: Editing Approval Limits for a Transaction Type45
Part 4 of 5: Establishing Rights to Access Features46
Part 5 of 5: Establishing Rights to Access Accounts47
Editing an Existing User’s Rights (Small Business)48
Deleting a User49
Corporate Users50
User Roles Overview50
Creating, Editing or Copying a User Role51
Part 1 of 9: Establishing Transaction Type Rights52
Part 2 of 9: Disabling a Transaction Type53
Part 3 of 9: Enabling Operation Rights54
Part 4 of 9: Choosing the Maximum Draft Amount55
Part 5 of 9: Selecting Subsidiaries55
Part 6 of 9: Enabling Allowed Accounts56
Part 7 of 9: Choosing Drafting Hours56
Part 8 of 9: Choosing the SEC Code57
Part 9 of 9: Editing Approval Limits for a Transaction Type58
User Role Policy Tester59
Deleting Allowed Actions61
Establishing Rights to Access Features62
Establishing Rights to Access Accounts63
Deleting a User Role64
Editing Company Policy65
Part 1 of 9: Choosing a Transaction to Edit in Company Policy65
Part 2 of 9: Choosing the Maximum Draft Amount66
Part 3 of 9: Choosing the Number of Approvals67
Part 4 of 9: Choosing the Subsidiaries67
Part 5 of 9: Choosing the Accounts68
Part 6 of 9: Choosing the Drafting Hours68
Part 7 of 9: Choosing the Location69
Part 8 of 9: Choosing the IP Address69
Part 9 of 9: Choosing the SEC Code70
Approval Limits71
Company Policy Tester72
Viewing Rights to Access Features74
Establishing Rights to Access Accounts75
Creating and Editing Account Labels76
Users Overview77
User Management Overview78
Adding a New User79
Editing a User80
Deleting a User81
ACH Recipient Overview82
ACH Only- Part 1 of 2: Adding a Recipient83
ACH Only- Part 2 of 2: Recipient Account Detail84
ACH & Wire- Part 1 of 4: Adding a Recipient85
ACH & Wire- Part 2 of 4: Receiving Bank Detail86
ACH & Wire- Part 3 of 4: Intermediary Bank Detail87
ACH & Wire- Part 4 of 4: Recipient Account Detail88
Wire Recipient Overview89
Wires Only (Domestic) - Part 1 of 4: Adding a Recipient90
Wires Only (Domestic)- Part 2 of 4: Receiving Bank Detail91
Wires Only (Domestic)- Part 3 of 4: Intermediary Bank Detail92
Wires Only (Domestic)- Part 4 of 4: Recipient Account Detail93
Wires Only (International)- Part 1 of 4: Adding a Recipient94
Wires Only (International)- Part 2 of 4: Beneficiary FI Detail95
Wires Only (International)- Part 3 of 4: Intermediary Bank Detail96
Wires Only (International)- Part 4 of 4: Recipient Account Detail97
Editing a Recipient (ACH and Wire)98
Editing a Recipient’s Templates99
Deleting a Recipient100
Sending a Single Payment101
ACH Payment101
ACH Collection103
Splitting a Payment108
Domestic Wire109
International Wire111
Payment From File113
Importing a CSV file113
Importing a NACHA file113
Payment Template (ACH and Wire) Overview116
Creating a Template117
ACH Payment118
ACH Collection120
Domestic Wire124
International Wire126
Editing a Template128
Using a Template129
Deleting a Template131
Viewing, Approving or Canceling a Transaction132
Single Transaction132
Multiple Transactions133
ACH Pass-Thru134
Tax Payment135
Reports Overview137
Company User Activity Report138
Transaction Report139
Outgoing Wires Report140
Company Entitlements Report141
ACH Activity Report142
ACH Activity Report Previous Day(s)143
Balance and Activity Statement-Previous Day(s)144
Cash Position Report145
Cash Position Report Previous Day(s)146
Wire Online Origination Report147
Editing a Report148
Deleting a Report149
Activity Center Overview152
Using Filters153
Creating or Deleting Custom Views Using Favorites153
Editing Transactions154
Canceling Transactions155
Positive Pay156
To Upload an Issued Check File157
Manually Enter a Check158
Void a Check159
Managing Exceptions160
Outstanding Issued Checks162
Issued Check File Processing Log163
ACH Reporting164
Account Reconciliation165
ACH Returns/NOC Report166
ACH Authorization Rules Setup167
Commercial Bill Pay168
Home Page Overview168
Add a Payee170
Individual Electronic Payments: Allowing an Individual to Provide Their Banking Information172
Individual Electronic Payments: If You Have an Individual’s Account Information174
Individual Check Payments176
Activate a Payee178
Import Payees179
Edit a Payee182
Delete a Payee183
Add and Manage Categories184
Single Payment185
Edit or Stop a Single Payment186
Create a Recurring Payment187
Edit or Stop a Recurring Payment189
Payment Approval191
Add a Transfer Account192
Delete or Edit a Transfer Account193
One-Time Transfer194
Edit or Stop a Single Transfer195
Recurring Transfers196
Edit or Stop a Recurring Transfer197
Transfer Approval199
Add an Employee200
Edit or Deactivate an Employee202
Schedule Payroll204
Edit Scheduled Payroll206
Schedule Extra Payroll207
View Past Payroll209
Edit or Stop Scheduled Payroll210
Payroll Approval213
Company Profile215
Delete or Edit Bill Pay Accounts216
Modify User Permissions217
Personal Profile218
Stop Payment Request225
Check Reorder226
Text Enrollment227
Mobile Deposits229
Account Preferences230
Statement Delivery231
Branches and ATMs233

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