GNBank Digital Banking Guide


A. Download your transactions into a different format by clicking the


See page 25 for more information. B. Print a list of your transactions by clicking the


C. The

icon opens the search bar to sort and find transactions within that

account. D. The Transfers button allows you to transfer money between your accounts. See page 53 for more details. E. The Documents button allows you to enroll in digital statements. See page 128 for more information. F. The Money Manager button takes you to our budgeting tool. See page 106 for more information. G. The Reorder Checks button allows you to reorder checks, if you have placed an order previously with GNBank. H. The Stop payments button allows you to stop a pending check payment. See page 124 for more information. I. The Alert preferences button allows you to create alerts for that account. See page 36 for more information. J. The Settings button allows you to edit the display options for that account. See page 24 for more information. K. You can view more details about a transaction by clicking on it. L. Additional details about the account are displayed in the lower right corner.

Dashboard: Account Details

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