OnPoint Community Credit Union Retail Guide


PFM Overview Your First Personal Finance Management Session Once enrolled in our Personal Finance Management feature, you will notice categories in the account detail information. Our system is designed to securely view your transactions and suggest categories. For your accounts enabled from OnPoint, you can immediately run reports and get your first glimpse into your financial spending. There may be a few transactions where we will need additional information: • Uncategorized Transactions - A icon indicates our system did not have enough data to suggest a category. To add a category simply click the and choose from the category list that appears to the right. • Checks - Unless your check was scanned at a merchant’s location, our Personal Finance Management system will most likely not know why you wrote a check. Just like the transactions above, click the icon and select a category to assign the transaction. • ATM Withdrawals - Some consumers classify an ATM withdrawal for entertainment however, you can assign a category to the withdrawal by clicking the icon and assigning a category. The next few pages will walk you through the details of setting up your Personal Finance Management experience, including adding other accounts and more categorization options.

PFM Overview: Your First Personal Finance Management Session

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