UMB Digital Banking User Guide

Getting Started7
New User Enrollment7
Logging Off9
Resetting A Forgotten Password10
Accounts Page12
Accounts Page Overview12
Asset Summary Overview14
Account Overview15
Quick Transfer17
Account Nickname18
Details & Settings19
Account Grouping20
Editing a Group Name21
Deleting a Group21
Protecting Your Information22
General Guidelines22
User ID and Password22
Fraud Prevention22
Security Preferences23
Change Password23
Change User ID24
Secure Access Code Delivery25
Mobile Security Preferences26
Enabling Fingerprint or Facial Recognition Login26
Enabling Passcode Authentication28
Enabling Face ID30
Secure Message Overview31
Sending a Secure Message33
Alerts Overview34
Account Alerts35
History Alerts36
Online Transaction Alerts37
Security Alerts Overview39
Edit Delivery Preferences39
Enabling and Disabling Push Notifications40
Payments and Transfers41
Payments and Transfers Overview41
Transfer Money43
Adding A Personal External Account45
Add a Personal External Transfer Account46
Verify an External Transfer Account with Micro-Deposits48
Manage External Transfer Accounts49
Nickname External Transfer Accounts49
Remove External Transfer Accounts50
Pay Loan51
Pay Credit Card53
One-Time Payment53
Auto Payment54
Payment Overview55
Editing Payments56
Canceling Payments57
Online Activity Overview58
Using Filters59
Creating or Deleting Custom Views Using Favorites59
Editing Payments and Transfers60
Canceling Payments and Transfers61
Bill Pay62
Bill Pay Overview62
Creating a Payee62
Editing a Payee64
Deleting a Payee65
Making a Single Payment66
Editing a Single Payment67
Canceling a Single Payment68
Making Recurring Payment69
Editing a Recurring Payment71
Canceling a Recurring Payment72
Money Manager73
Initial Setup73
Tagging Transactions75
Splitting a Transaction77
Money Manager Dashboard79
Spending by Category80
Adding Budgets83
Managing Budgets84
Add a Budget Alert86
Cashflow Overview87
Add a Bill or Income88
Net Worth89
Add an Unlinked Asset or Debt90
Adding Goals92
Save for Goals92
Pay Off Goals93
Add a Goal Alert94
Managing Goals95
Card Management96
Card Controls96
Activate Card96
Disabling or a Card97
Enabling a Card98
Credit Limit Increase99
Replace Card101
Card Controls102
Update PIN104
Card Alerts105
Travel Notifications107
Account Statements109
Tax Statements110
Reordering Checks111
Text Banking112
Apple Watch114
Apple Watch Setup114
Viewing Balances and Transactions114
Account Preferences115
My Profile - Address Change116
My Profile117
Statement Delivery Preferences118
Branches and ATMs121

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