Umpqua Bank Online & Mobile Banking Guide

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Welcome to Umpqua online and mobile banking! You can use the table of contents to click to the topic or feature you’re interested in, from basic login information to bill pay and transfers. If you have additional questions, contact us at 1-866-4UMPQUA.


table of contents

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General information Security........................................................ 4 Logging in.................................................... 8 Home........................................................... 9 Messages Messages.................................................. 11 Transactions Account details.......................................... 12 Funds transfer............................................ 13 Loan payments.......................................... 15 Activity center. ........................................... 16 Statements................................................ 18 Verify an external account.......................... 19 Enroll in mobile deposit.............................. 20 Deposit a check......................................... 21 Advanced bill pay Overview.................................................... 23 Biller setup................................................. 24 eBills.......................................................... 25 Schedule payments. .................................. 26 Automatic payments.................................. 27 Change/cancel payments. ......................... 28 View bill history. ......................................... 29 Services Link an external account............................ 30 Stop payment............................................ 31 Credit card................................................. 32 Umpqua mortgage..................................... 33 Overdraft protection................................... 34 Check reorder............................................ 35


Settings Profile......................................................... 36 Account preferences.................................. 37 Security preferences. ................................. 38 Alerts......................................................... 39 Security alerts............................................ 41 Text enrollment........................................... 42 Statement delivery. .................................... 44 Locations Stores and ATMs. ...................................... 45


general information


We’re working to protect you and your online banking in a number of ways. User Identification and Password Security starts at your computer. Never share your login ID or passwords with anyone, and always keep your login information in a safe place. To make your passwords hard to guess, avoid using your pet’s name, hometown or other personally identifiable choices and combine random numbers instead of using your birth date. Secure Sockets Layer Encryption We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, a trusted method for securing internet transactions. This technology scrambles data as it travels between your computer and Umpqua, making it difficult for anyone to access your account information. Secure Access Code You need a secure access code to access your accounts when you log into our online banking for the first time or anytime from an unregistered device. This code is delivered to you outside of your online banking session through a phone call or SMS text message. You can opt to register your device’s browser so that you do not have to complete the Secure Access Code process the next time that you access online banking with that device. If you delete the security certificate or “cookie” that recognizes your device as previously registered, you will need to request another secure access code. Browser Registration In addition to your personal password security, we have added another layer of security called browser registration that runs in the background and helps verify your identity at login. Do not allow your browser to save your passwords.

General information



general information


Your Online Banking Safety Tips:

• Ensure your web browser, operating system, anti-virus software and other applications are current and support 128-bit encryption.

• Memorize your passwords and change them regularly.

• Log out of your online banking sessions when you are finished. • Do not leave your computer unattended when logged in to online banking.

• Do not use public computers or unsecured WiFi.

• If you receive an error when logged in to your account, report the error to us at 1-866-4UMPQUA.


general information


We will never send unsolicited emails asking you to provide, update or verify personal or confidential information via return email. If you receive an alleged email inquiry from us, please call at 1-866-4UMPQUA immediately. To reduce the risk of online fraud and identity theft, your first and best protection is awareness. So here is some more information: Phishing Phishing is an online scam tactic that lures users into unknowingly providing personal data such as credit card information or Login IDs and passwords. By using realistic-looking emails and websites, this tactic attempts to gain the trust of unsuspecting targets and convinces them that vital information is being requested by a vendor that they may already have a relationship with, such as their financial institution. Identity Theft Identity theft can occur when criminals find a way to steal your personal or other identifying information and assume the use of that data to access your personal accounts, open new accounts, apply for credit, purchase merchandise and commit other crimes using your identity. It is important to be aware of the dangers of identity theft so that you can take the steps to avoid becoming victim. Logging Off As a secure practice, you should log off of your online banking session before you close the browser window or anytime before walking away from your computer. Additionally, we will log you out automatically due to inactivity or when your session reaches the maximum time limit.


general information


Fraud Prevention Tips:

• Do not open email attachments or click on links from unsolicited sources. • Avoid completing email forms or responding to messages that ask for personal or financial information. • Do not trust an email asking you to use a link for verification of login or account details. • Shred old financial information, invoices, charge receipts, checks, unwanted pre-approved credit offers and expired cards before disposing of them. • Contact the sender by phone if you are suspicious of an email attachment. • Monitor your account transactions for unauthorized use.


general information

logging in

Once you have enrolled as a new user and have logged into online banking at least once, follow the steps below for subsequent logins.

1. From our website’s online banking login box, enter your Login ID . 2. On the next page, enter your password and click Login . 3. If you don’t remember your password, simply click “ Forgot your Password? ” and select where you would like to receive your secure access code, then follow the instructions to re-establish a password. Should I Register My Device? If this device is a “private” device where you have exclusive access, you may want to register your device to have it recognized for future logins to save time. We do not recommend registering a public device, such as one at a public library, where other people could have access to the same computer. Logging Off As a secure practice, you should log off of your online banking session before you close the browser window or anytime before walking away from your computer. Additionally, we will log you out automatically due to inactivity or when your online banking session reaches the maximum time limit.

Logging in


general information


The Home screen will give you an overview of all your accounts with available balances, all displayed conveniently in a comprehensive list. To View an Overview of Your Accounts:

1. Here is where you can view your Available Balance and your Current Balance . 2. For account transaction history, click the Account Name to view the Account Details screen. From here, you can view transaction details by clicking the transaction. 3. To edit your group nickname, click the icon and then click the check mark. 4. To change the order in which your accounts appear, click and hold on an account name, then drag and drop it to its new location.



general information


5. To create a new group, click and hold the account you would like to put into a new group, then drag and drop the account to the group icon at the bottom of the screen. Add a new group nickname and click the check mark. 6. To View Activity or send a Quick Transfer to an account, click the two gray vertical lines to the right of an account name. 7. You can scroll through the account summaries by clicking Next or Previous at the bottom of the summary box. 8. Click the icon to print a quick summary of the current available funds in all of your accounts. 9. If you are in a hurry, there is an option for easy-access tools in the top right corner. These Quick Action options allow you to swiftly transfer money and view statements.




The message center allows you to communicate securely with us here at Umpqua. Messages can be saved by topic for easy reference. Check your messages for alerts, replies to your inquiries and bank communications.

To View Messages:

Click on the Messages tab. 1. Messages are listed on the left side of the screen. Click the message that you would like to read, and the entire message will appear on the right. 2. Click on the icon In the upper right corner of a message to delete it, or click on the icon to reply. 3. Create a new message by selecting New Message . 4. Messages automatically expire after a certain amount of time. You can save a message indefinitely by click the box next to “ This message should never expire .”





account details

To View Account Details:

From your Home page, click on an account for more information. 1. For account transaction history, click the account name to view the Account Details screen. 2. If you click on the description of a specific transaction, you will see more details. 3. To print only this transaction, click on the icon. 4. If you click Filters, you will be able to sort particular transactions to view, export or print. Once you’ve made your selections, click Apply Filters . 5. To print a list of filtered transactions, click , and to export transactions, click .



Account details


funds transfer

Your online banking enables you to transfer funds between your accounts quickly and easily. To Transfer Funds:

In the Transactions tab, click on Funds Transfer . 1. Select the accounts that you wish to transfer funds From and To using the drop-down menus. 2. Enter the dollar amount and date to process the transaction. 3. (optional) If you wish to set up a recurring transaction, click the check box, “ Make this a recurring transaction ”. New input fields will appear, and you will need to specify the frequency and date range for this transaction. You can choose to make this transaction Repeat Forever by checking the box under Frequency . 4. When you have finished entering all of the required information, select Transfer Funds .

Funds transfer



funds transfer

5. If successful, a screen with an overview of your transaction will appear. All funds transfers will appear in the Activity Center , whether dated immediately or for the future. You can view them at this time, or you can click Close and review them at your convenience.

You can view or cancel unprocessed transactions by accessing the Recurring Transactions tab within the Activity Center.



loan payments

With your online banking, you can conveniently make payments on your loans.

In the Transactions tab, click on Loan Payments . 1. Select the account you that you wish to pull funds From and the account you wish to post the payment To . 2. Select your payment type. 3. Enter the dollar amount. 4. Select the date and if you wish to make this a recurring transaction. 5. Click Submit .

Loan payments



activity center

The Activity Center contains pending and processed transactions initiated within online banking such as funds transfers. The Activity Center does not include transactions that you make by other means such as ATM or debit card transactions or payments from within bill pay—these types of transactions are shown on the Account Details page once they are processed and clear your account.

To View Online Transactions:

In the Transactions tab, click on Activity Center . 1. You can choose to view Single Transactions , Recurring Transactions or Deposited Checks by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top.

2. Click on a transaction to view more details. 3. Click Filters for additional search options.

Activity center



activity center

4. You can search transaction descriptions by typing a word or phrase in the text bar and clicking Search . 5. Select Actions to present additional functions. 6. Select the icon to print filtered transactions, or select the icon to export filtered transactions.




The e-Statements feature is a great virtual filing system, which saves paper and space in your home or office by allowing you to view and store your statements electronically.

To View Your Statements:

In the Transactions tab, click on Statements . 1. To verify that you are able to view a PDF on your computer or device, you will need to click the Get Code button. 2. You will see a short code. Type that code into the verification code field, then click Verify . 3. Using the drop-down menus, select the Account and Date for the statement you want to view then click Get Statement. PDF is the only available option for Document Type.




verify an external account

Once you have made a request to add an external account, check the history of that account and locate the two “micro-deposits” that have been made. You will then be asked to provide those amounts, which will verify your ability to make transfers and prove your ownership of the outside account. To Verify an External Account:

In the Transactions tab, click on Verify External Account . 1. Select the Account you would like to verify. 2. Enter the amounts of the two micro-deposits that have been made into your external account. 3. Click Submit .


Verify an external account


enroll in mobile deposit

Deposit Checks lets you use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to securely deposit a check directly to eligible accounts. Just tap, snap and go!

To Enroll in Mobile Deposit:

Log in to our Umpqua Bank Mobile Banking app . In the Transactions tab, select Deposit Checks . 1. Review the Terms and Conditions .

2. Once you have carefully read through them, select I Accept . 3. You will then be taken to the Deposit Checks screen. Follow the steps on the next page to deposit a check.


Enroll in mobile deposit


deposit a check

With our mobile app on your Android or iOS device, you can deposit checks into your online banking account by simply snapping a photo of a paper check.

To Deposit a Check via Your Smartphone:

This feature is only available when using our mobile app on your mobile device.

Log in to our Umpqua Bank Mobile Banking app . In the Transactions tab, select Deposit Checks . 1. Select the account you would like the check deposited to and input the dollar amount of the check. 2. Sign the back of the check, then tap Capture Image to snap an image of both the front and back. 3. Verify that all four corners of the check are visible and all elements are legible, then tap Submit Deposit.

Deposit a check



deposit a check

4. You’ll receive an on-screen confirmation as well as an email that lets you know we received the deposit. We’ll send you a separate email indicating when the deposit has been approved.

Additional Information: •

Funds will post to your account following our normal Funds Availability Policy. Funds are deposited the same business day when deposited before 6 pm PT. Deposits after 6 pm PT or non-business days will be deposited the following day. • Keep your check in a secure place. Once the funds have posted to your account, you may securely destroy the check after fifteen days. If you have questions or need assistance, contact us at 1-866-4UMPQUA. When contacting us, please have the name and version number of your mobile device (example: Apple ® iPhone ® 6, etc.) and operating system.


advanced bill pay


Bill Pay allows you to stay on top of your monthly finances with the utmost ease and turnkey efficiency. Free yourself from the hassle of writing checks and the clutter that comes with traditional ways of paying bills! This is a quick and easy alternative to paying your bills online at the sites of each individual company. The first time you click the Bill Pay tab, you will be asked to choose an account to use within Bill Pay and to accept the terms and conditions.

Click on the Bill Pay tab to begin managing your bills online. The Payment Center is a guide to your billers and bills due as well as where you will edit or delete scheduled payments.

Advanced bill pay



advanced bill pay

biller setup

The person or company to whom you are sending funds is known as the biller. A biller can be almost any company or person you would send a check to, like a utility company, a cable TV provider or even a relative. It may be convenient to set up a biller as an automatic payment so that there is no need for repeating the same scheduling process each month.

To Set Up or Edit a New Biller:

In the Payment Center , you will see your billers listed. 1. To Add a Company or Person , click the button at the top of the page. 2. To see or change information for a current biller, click the name of the biller you would like to edit. You will see detailed information about that biller including address, telephone number and even recent payments completed.

Biller setup


advanced bill pay


EBills are a fast and convenient way to receive your bills each month. If your biller offers an electronic version of your bill, the eBills icon will be located next to the name within the Payment Center. After activating eBills with a biller, you will start receiving your bill directly within your bill pay account. No need to shuffle through biller information or access each individual biller’s website to pay your bills—you can get it all right here and never miss a payment!

To Set Up eBills for an Existing Biller:

1. Click on the icon or eBills link. 2. Select Add for each biller you would like to add to eBills. 3. When completed, click Submit . 4. You will be presented with a Confirmation indicating your eBills are pending, click Close .



advanced bill pay

schedule payments

No check? No pen? No problem! Our payment scheduling feature is the only thing you need to accomplish your bill pay needs. With only a few quick and easy steps, hassle-free bill pay is just a couple mouse clicks away!

To Schedule a Payment:

In the Payment Center , notice the billers are listed by name and account number. 1. To schedule your payment, enter the Amount and the Deliver By Date . You may even use the calendar feature for your convenience. 2. Click Send Money when finished.

Schedule payments


advanced bill pay

automatic payments

It may be convenient to set up a biller to receive payments on a regular basis, such as for your child’s school lunches. Why must you pay by repeating the same scheduling process each month? With our Automatic Payment option, you can remain confident that your payments are taken care of automatically without you doing a thing!

To Set up Automatic Payments:

In the Payment Center , select the biller for which you would like to set up automatic payments. Select AutoPay and then Set Up Autopay. 1. Fill in the required fields to complete your request for an automatic payment, including First Delivery Date and Frequency . 2. When completed, click Start Sending Payments .


Automatic payments

change/ cancel payments

advanced bill pay

Even after you have scheduled a payment, you have the ability to change or cancel your payment up until the time it begins processing. This convenient feature gives you the freedom to change the way you make your payments.

To Change or Cancel Payments

1. Locate the Pending Payments box in the Payment Center . 2. Click Change to edit your payment in a secondary screen. You may change the Pay From Account , Pay Date or Pay Amount . 3. Click Cancel if you do not wish to process the payment.

Change/cancel payments


advanced bill pay

view bill history

With the convenience of our online bill pay you can easily view and print bill history and details.

To View Bill History:

Click the Payment Amount link in Recent Payments . 1. In the pop-up window, review the pay date, amount, confirmation number and status. 2. You can start a Payment Inquiry or Print . 3. When you are finished click the X in the top right corner.

View bill history



link an external account

In order to transfer funds to an account outside Umpqua, you must first enroll the new external account. This will ensure your ability to make fund transfers to the outside account by integrating it into one simple location. To Add an External Account:

In the Services tab, click on Add External Account . 1. From the drop-down menu, choose the Account Type . 2. Enter the Account Number and the financial institution’s Routing Number in the spaces provided. These numbers are located at the bottom of a paper check or deposit slip from your checkbook. 3. Click Continue . In one or two business days, you should receive two micro-deposits into the external account to show that the process has been initialized. Once you receive those deposits, go to the Verify External Account tab to enter the amounts and activate your external account.

Link an external account

30 Services


stop payment

Using your online banking, you can initiate a stop payment request from any device. You can review the status of your request in the Activity Center. The stop payment, once confirmed, will remain in effect for twelve months. Contact us at 1-866-4UMPQUA for current fee information. To Initiate a Stop Payment Request: In the Services tab, click on Stop Payment . 1. Choose request type: Single or Multiple Checks . 2. Click on each category

header on the left to select an Account , enter a Check Number and Amount , and Date of the check. check amount, be sure to click Save . 4. When completed, click Send Request . 3. After entering the


Stop payment


credit card

Now if you’re an Umpqua consumer credit card customer, this link will take you to the Credit Card site where you can log in to access all your credit card information from balance to transaction history and more. With Credit Card Account Access, you can also:

• Get Secure access to your account 24/7.

• View your balances, transactions, statements and more.

• Set up Auto-Pay to have your credit card payment automatically paid each month and never miss a payment. • Register for important updates and special offers that can be delivered right to your inbox. • Sign up for paperless billing statements and get secure monthly statements without the clutter. Just click Credit Card in the Services menu and log into your account.

Credit card



umpqua mortgage

Selecting Umpqua Mortgage will take you to the full mortgage site where you can login to access all your mortgage details. How much of your last payment went to Principal, Interest and Escrow? You can learn it all here, including:

• Get Secure access to your account 24/7

Detailed loan information

Make a payments

Access 1098 year end statements

Loan Documents

Payoff Quotes

• And much more. Just click Umpqua Mortgage in the Services menu and log into your account.

33 Umpqua mortgage


overdraft protection

If you bank with Umpqua, overdraft coverage is a service that comes with your personal accounts. We call this coverage BounceGuard. BouceGuard provides overdraft services pertaining to checks, recurring debit card payments and bill payments. You will need additional coverage for ATM withdrawals and everyday debit card transactions. To explore your options, simply click Overdraft Services from the Services menu and then click the link provided in the next window. You’ll then be able to review your current coverage and additional options from the convenient chart. Contact us by email or call us if you have any questions regarding Overdraft Services.

Overdraft protection



check reorder

With your online banking, you can conveniently reorder checks online. If you notice that you are missing checks,

please contact us right away so that we can take precautions to safeguard against identity theft and fraud.

To Order Checks:

In the Services tab, click on Check Reorder . 1. Choose the account for which you would like checks ordered. 2. You will then be redirected to our trusted vendor’s website to complete your order.

Check reorder




It is important that you keep your personal contact information up- to-date with Umpqua. The Profile page allows you to review your personal information on record.

To View Your Profile:

In the Settings tab, click on Profile . Please periodically check this information to ensure it’s accurate, and contact us at 1-866-4UMPQUA if any information needs to be changed.




account preferences

With the Account Preferences page, you can change the nickname of your accounts, enable SMS/Text or view account details. The page automatically shows you all of your accounts, and you can create and organized accounts by groups.

To Set Up or Change Your Account Viewing Preferences:

In the Settings tab, click on Account Preferences . 1. To change the order your accounts appear in, select the up or down arrows on the right-hand side. 2. Select whether your account is visible on the Home page. 3. To change the nickname of the group or the account, select the icon and check mark it when you are finished.

Account preferences



security preferences

Visit this area when you want to change your login ID or password. You can also view/add/edit the target delivery locations of a secure access code when logging in from an unregistered device. This is also where you can set up Touch ID login when you’re on select Apple® Devices.

Password When changing your password, be sure you follow the guidelines for creating a strong password. Login ID Be sure to create a login that you will remember but is not too recognizable. Secure Delivery Make sure that we have your correct SMS/text number and phone number on file so you

can receive secure access codes when logging in from an unregistered device.


Security preferences



You can create and manage alerts to remind you of important dates, warn you about the status of your accounts and tell you when certain transactions occur. When you create an alert, you specify the conditions that trigger the alert as well as the delivery option to receive that alert. All alerts will automatically be sent to your online banking account via Secure Messages, regardless of the additional delivery preferences you have chosen. To Edit Alert Delivery Preferences: You can edit specific Date, Account, History, Transaction and Security Alert preferences.

Delivery Methods include:

• Secure Message within online banking


Phone call

SMS text message





To Set Up Alerts:

In the Settings tab, click on Alerts . 1. To create a new alert, click the New Alert drop-down. Choose the kind of alert that you wish to create from the drop-down. A new screen will appear where you can enter the necessary information. Be sure to click Save when you are finished. 2. To view the alerts for each category, click the category header. 3. You can easily toggle an alert On/Off without deleting the alert by toggling the Enabled button. 4. To view or change details of an already-existing alert, choose the Edit link on the right end of the alert that you would like to edit. Be sure to click Save after you change any alert details.



security alerts

Security Alerts allow you to enable specific alerts to keep you informed of changes to your account and online banking profile. Alerts can be delivered via Secure Messages within online banking, email, SMS text message or phone call.

To Edit Security Alerts and Their Delivery Preferences:

In the Settings tab, click on Alerts , then click on Security Alerts . 1. To activate or deactivate an alert, click the On/Off button that corresponds with the appropriate alert. 2. To edit delivery preferences, click the Edit Delivery Preferences link in the top right corner. These changes will apply to all Security Alerts. 3. Enter the information for your preferred delivery method. 4. Click Save when you are finished. 5. If an alert is grayed-out, you are not able to edit or disable this alert.


Security alerts


text enrollment

Once enrolled in text banking, you can check balances, review account history and transfer funds from your online banking account using any text-enabled device.

To Enroll in Text Banking:

In the Settings tab, click Text Enrollment . 1. Toggle the Text Enrollment button from OFF to ON . 2. Enter your phone/SMS text number. 3. Read the terms and conditions and check the Agree to Terms box. 4. Click Save to complete enrollment. To enable your account to be viewed in text banking, visit Account Preferences and click enable.

Text enrollment



text enrollment

Text Command Options to #226563

for the Following



Request account balance Request account history



Transfer funds between accounts


Receive a list of text commands


Receive a list of contact points for information on text banking Stop all text messages to the mobile device (for text banking and SMS alerts/notifications) Enable message send/receive for text banking





statement delivery

In Statement Delivery, you can change how you would like to receive your monthly statement for your account. Your choices include eStatement or Paper Statement. Selecting eStatement will stop the paper delivery of your statements.

To Change Your Statement Preferences:

In the Settings tab, click on Statement Delivery . 1. Select any of the accounts listed. A Delivery Preferences window will display for that account. 2. On the Delivery Preferences window you can choose your delivery method and input the email address you want us to use when sending notifications that new statements are available. 3. When you have made all of the changes that you need, be sure to click Save .



stores and atms

Before and after log in, you’ll find Locations links that will help you find Umpqua Store or ATM locations near you or near a destination. This page features an interactive map that will show you all of our locations. Each location will be listed in the sidebar and have additional details like location name, address, phone number, directions and even provides location hours.


Stores and ATMs


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